Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bed Rest

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I started contracting and it was really bad so at 27 weeks my doctor put me on bed rest. I am now 29 weeks (that is when I delivered Garrett) and am dying from boredom! Lucky for me my friend lent me her laptop so I can at least have a break from watching t.v. and reading. For the first little while I couldn't even read because the medication they put me on to stop the contractions makes my heart race and I was not able to concentrate. Though my heart still races and I feel pretty dizzy most of the time my body is starting to adjust enough that I am able to do other things some of the time. My poor family has really had to pick up the slack, and while this is good for them it is hard as a mom to sit back and watch. Garrett has sacrificed his bed so that I can be in the front room and at least not feel like I am holed up away from the family all the time. My ward has been awesome and brings dinner in to us 3 nights a week. I am so grateful that I have a ward that is so willing to help. My boys and Jess are keeping the house clean (as clean as boys keep things) and doing laundry as well. This is huge for my boys because because I tend to just do most things by myself. They have been really great at picking up the slack for me. One of the big things that I have come to realize is that I HATE being taken care of. As weird as it sounds I am pretty independent and like to just do things my way, so I guess this is a great learning experience for me?! My poor sister has also been awesome to help me, driving me to doctor's appointments, taking my kids, and coming to visit me among other things! My mom and dad have been great as well at helping, and Jesse's dad brings dinner at least once a week and calls me like clock work throughout the day to check on me. Now some of you might be thinking how nice it would be to lay around all day and just veg, but I can assure you after about oh one day of it it gets really old! Isn't it funny that when we have tons to do you just want to veg, and when we have to veg you want to get things done? So the plan is for me to stay on bed rest until I reach 35 weeks (May 16). If I make it that far and have not had the baby then I can go off bed rest and resume my normal life until I deliver.

This week is Spring Break for my kids and I am feeling so bad because they are bored to tears. Most of their friends left town and so they are doing a lot of nothing. I feel bad because of course this year they got a whole week off for Spring Break and we usually leave town as well, but here we sit. But it will all be worth it in the long run when we get a healthy baby here and there will be many other times to go and play, right?!

Thanks to all my friends and family for the love and support!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wait... What?!?

If you have not yet heard we are expecting another baby! After everything we have been through in the last few years with trying to have a baby I had decided that we were done. Well surprise! No we aren't! Our new bundle of joy will be arriving in June. My due date is June 20.

I am 15 weeks and because I am high risk my doctor sent me to the specialist. So funny story: we are there getting our ultrasound and the technician is asking if we want to know what we are having, uh yeah! So while she is measuring the baby she is gabbing with Jess and I about our family. We tell her that Jess thinks for sure it is a boy and he has convinced me that it is a boy and she says that she thinks dad is right because she thought she caught a glimpse of boy parts. So we happily continue thinking it's a boy. Well when she finally gets around to checking the baby would not cooperate, but she finally sees and says "Oh I was totally wrong, it's a GIRL!" Wait...What!?! I wish I had taken a picture of Jesse at this point. It was the funniest thing ever! He was in absolute shock! Anyway the doctor came and talked to us and everything is looking good so far and we are still in a little bit of shock! Don't get me wrong we are thrilled with a girl but we are a boy family! So we called the kids and Garrett's response was "cool" (translation: I am excited). Hunter's response "are you kidding me!?" (not so happy in the beginning but he is quickly getting used to the idea) This is going to be a real change in our house!

Before you ask let me answer all of the typical questions that we are getting asked:

Q: Was this planned?
A: Uh ya, do you really want to know that?

Q: Wow that is going to be a BIG gap (not really a question, just an interesting statement)
A: Uh ya that part was not planned.

Q: Wow aren't you worried that you are a little bit old to be starting over?
A: I am only 31 people! Just because my kids are old doesn't mean I am too old!

Q: Wow you are getting big fast! (here again, not a question just a really interesting statement)
A: I am 5'2" people! Of course I get big fast!

Q: Are you so glad you are not having another boy?
A: NO! I love my boys and would love to have another one! All we want is a healthy baby!

Now don't get me wrong and think you can't ask questions! These are just a few of the typical questions that we have been asked and I think are funny. If you have been one of the people who asked these questions please do not take feel bad! I am not at all offended just amused at the things people say! Now the biggest problem is thinking of a name! We have NEVER discussed girl names! Lucky for us we have a while!

Ringing in 2010

For New Years we stayed home and hung out with the kids. We had great food and played games.

Me and Jess.

Is that a smile I see?!?

Me and Hunter

Hunter eating cookie dough.

Playing Rockband

Interestingly enough Garrett was fell asleep when it was time to clean up! He must have been so tired (or just didn't want to help clean up)

Hope your New Year brings great joy and happiness!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas morning

Garrett got the new bike he had been wanting.

Hunter got the Fuzion scooter he had been wanting

Yes we are up and it's early, so don't judge the picture! he he

Garrett and his beloved new Cowboys jersey

Hunter got a fox motorcycle jersey and was in heaven! Hunter has a real love for motorcycles. I am not sure where this came from since we don't own one and Jesse and I have never had any interest in them, but Hunter LOVES them.

Garrett, Hunter, and Grandpa Kelly (Jesse's dad)

We had a great Christmas. As usual Kelly bought WAY too much (I'm not kidding!), and we all had a great day together!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and had a lot of fun. We ate great food, had our annual nativity and opening of Christmas pajamas.

Hunter and Jonah ready for the nativity.

Garrett and Hunter.

Our beautiful nativity.

Each year I like to get a family picture on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately this year I forgot about it until we were ready to leave and the kids were in pajamas already.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread cookies

Grandma Laura (Jesse's mom) came over to make gingerbread cookies with the boys this year.

Garrett, Grandma Laura, and Hunter. Garrett has been into making crazy eyes lately whenever we take a picture. (Don't ask me why)

What an angel?!? This is what we got when Jesse threatened him about making crazy eyes!

The final product.

Jesse enjoying his gingerbread cookie. He just loves when I take his picture! he he

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seeing Santa

Each year my mom likes to get a picture of all of the grandkids with Santa.

Hunter sitting on Santa's lap.

Garrett is way to old and cool to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wants so he graciously took this picture for me!

All the Snyder grandkids (minus Danielle).